Of all significant home repairs, roof installation is arguably as essential as it gets. A new roof may not sound all that glamorous, but you will comprehend its purposes in a big way when your old roofing system starts failing. A poorly maintained and malfunctioning roof can let rainwater into your property and cause costly damage to your attic insulation, newly remodeled kitchen, and other areas in your home. Actually, only a few property issues can be more disastrous than a failing roof system.

The process of replacing a roof isn’t something you should take lightly, and you cannot keep on postponing the project. Once you sense there is something terribly wrong with your roof, it’s time to call a professional roofer to inspect it and determine whether the damage can be repaired or the entire roofing system must be replaced. Here are some of the common warning signs that your property’s roof needs to be replaced.

A leaky roof

The most obvious clue that your roof is faulty is finding water inside your home. It is recommended to check the attic, particularly after a rainstorm and find out if there is an ice dam along the eaves. Check for signs of water penetration into your home as major leaks start with those minor signs. And while water can flow a fair distance along the walls and beams, the specific point of infiltration will always be visible.

According to roofing experts, ice dams form once the snow starts melting, runs down to the eaves, and then freezes. As an increasing volume of water encounters this ice dam, the chances are that it will run up the asphalt roof shingles, and probably penetrate the roof deck.

Water stains are another common sign of a leaky roof. If you notice circular patches on your ceiling or signs of water running down the interior wall, that’s enough reason to investigate the issue further.

Most property owners still think that roof leaks are simple issues that don’t require special skills to handle. What you don’t know is that a simple leak could be a sign of an underlying roof problem. Therefore, you should get the roof checked by a professional who can spot signs of significant roof damage. You shouldn’t be surprised if the roofing expert asks you to get the entire roofing system replaced.


Your roof’s 25th birthday was a year ago

Probably you have heard that an asphalt shingle roof lasts for two to three decades. Note that different roofing materials can last for varying periods. While PVC roofs can last for 60 years or more, asphalt shingle roofs might not stand the harsh weather conditions for more than 40 years.

Windows, doors, floors, and other parts of your home age with time. The roof isn’t an exception. Remember, it protects your property from strong winds, rains storms, harsh winter weather, and high temperatures, especially during the summer. If you realize that your roof is too old and is likely to fail within five to ten years, why not get it replaced?

Granule loss

When cleaning your eavestroughs in the fall, you might see some coloured granules in the gutters. Based on the age of the roofing shingles and various weather process, this might not be uncommon. However, an excessive amount of granules may be an indicator that your roof is degrading very fast, and it’s time to get it replaced.

But what’s considered ‘excessive’ granule loss?

Though there is no way of determining how much granule loss is excess, you can check the roofing shingles. New asphalt shingles have more granules embedded on their surface to look more natural. These loose granules will definitely wash away. However, if the shingles have large bare patches, that means the granules have washed away and exposed the underlying asphalt to weather elements. These eroded shingles should be replaced. In case the damage isn’t limited to a few shingles, you may need to replace the entire roof. But first, you will need to call an expert to estimate the extent of roof damage.

Sunlight entering the attic

For most property owners, going up the attic isn’t a task in their to-do-list. However, it is important to check it regularly for signs of roof failure. If your roof is in good shape, the light shouldn’t be passing through the roof. If you realize that light is passing through, the chances are that the shingles are broken or even missing. This puts a property at the risk of pest infestation and water damage.

Sagging roof lines

A sagging roofline is a sign that you need to get your roof replaced. Generally, roof lines are supposed to be straight, and sagging ones indicate that your roof may be on the verge of collapsing. In case the roof hast hit the end of its lifespan or passed the warranty period, probably it’s time to get it replaced.

One of the major causes of a sagging roof is a rotten sheathing. The accumulation of ice and snow for several months could make it sag. Sometimes, improperly designed roof rafters and joints could result in a sagging roof.

Increasing heating and cooling expenses

If you think that your roof doesn’t play a role in your overall energy consumption, you’re wrong. A perfectly installed roof has properties that could help retain the temperature inside your house. For instance, energy-star certified shingles can reflect the heat from the sun, resulting in less need for air conditioning.

Additionally, roof colour can have a significant impact on your home’s ability to absorb or reflect heat. For example, dark-coloured roofs tend to preserve heat during colder periods, while bright coloured roofs can reflect heat in sunny regions. Adding efficient insulation is another way of boosting thermal performance.

The moment you spot signs of roof damage discussed above, get in touch with an experienced contractor for roofing toronto to accurately assess the damage and determine whether or not the roof should be replaced.


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