If you have done a little bit of digging into this issue, perhaps you have come across the ’25-30 years rule’ for replacement of a roof. Often, these numbers are used as a benchmark as many residential properties’ roofs might require replacement within that period. However, if you live in Ontario and other regions associated with a humid continental climate, a standard roof lasts for 15 to 50 years. Remember, such areas experience mild summers and chilly-cold winters.

According to roofing toronto experts, the consistent temperature makes mid-range roofing materials such are rubber roofs to exceed the lifespan estimated by their manufacturers. Studies show that consistent temperature can add three to five years to a roof’s lifespan. However, you shouldn’t wait until your roof completely fails to replace it. To understand how often you should get your roof replaced, you should first understand the lifespan of different roofing materials.

Durability of materials

Different roofing materials have varying levels of ability to withstand weather damage and other elements that could cause roof damage. To know how often you should replace your roofing system, it is important to know how long your preferred roofing material can last.

EPDM: Most rubber roofs with slate and sawdust reinforcement can last for two to three decades. Sure, EPDM roofs can withstand several hailstorms in addition to being the most affordable roofing option out there.

TPO: This is the successor of rubbers roofs and is associated with an extended lifespan of three and a half decades to four decades. Given the specific climate conditions in Ontario, these roofs can last up to 45 years.

PVC: This is the strongest of all single-membrane roofs and can last for four to five decades. Sure, PVC roofs can go toe-on-toe with metallic roofs. Note that it can effectively carry your HVAC and other pieces of equipment as it has 300 pounds-per-inch strength.

Modified bitumen: Generally, the modernized version of gravel and tar roofs has a short lifespan of 25 to 30 years. However, modified bitumen roofing replaces tar with asphalt as a sandwiching material between several waterproofing layers. Note that the material exchanges impact the durability and overall lifespan of tar with asphalt, resulting in a short lifespan.

Mastic asphalt: This is limestone and concrete (that has been reinforced with asphalt) slab and can last for 50 years to 70 years. Given the unique weather conditions in Ontario, this type of roof can last for more than seven decades. This is the primary reason hotels and other commercial properties use mastic asphalt roofs. Unfortunately, the price can be very high.

Felt roofing: Well, felt roofing isn’t considered a durable roofing option because you will still need to replace it after 15 to 20 years. However, it is ideal for property owners who need commercial roof installation within the shortest period possible.

Concreted slab or tiles: Tile and concrete slab roofs can last for about 50 to 60 years. These are commercial roofs with solid resistance to heavy foot traffic and hailstorms. But they are costly to install, and the process is time-consuming.

Metallic roofs: If your roof has minimal roof traffic and you require a durable roofing option, metallic roofs are a great choice. When installed properly and regularly maintained, these roofs can last for 70 years or more.


Weather and environmental factors

Your roofing system takes a lot of external wear and tear each year. Snow accumulation, sunshine, strong winds, hurricanes, debris, and other extreme weather conditions have a direct impact on your roof’s durability. How often you will need to get your roof replaced will depend on the following factors.

The roof’s age: Every type of roof has an estimated lifespan. It is recommended to get your roof replaced within the last three to five years of your roof’s expiration. This is an important factor to consider when trying to determine when you should get your roof replaced.

Temperature: Depending on the average temperature of the region you live in, you may need to replace your roof less often. For example, Ontario has consistent cool weather, and this tends to prolong the overall lifespan of various roofing materials.

Ventilation: Most property owners choose the most efficient insulation solutions to lower the overall utility expenses. But they also need to find a good way of letting the indoor air escape to ‘relax’ the internal air pressure. That means with proper ventilation, your roof can last longer.

Should you repair or get your roof replaced?

It is challenging to determine whether your roof can be successfully repaired or must be replaced. Note that roof replacement is a costly project, and this is the primary reason most people opt to do regular repairs. Get in touch with an experienced roofing contractor to determine whether your roof needs repair or replacement.

Signs your roof needs replacement

Roof repair and replacement are best determined via a thorough, professional inspection. Here are some of the warning signs your roof needs replacement.

Cracked, loose, or missing shingles:  Old, worn-out shingles are easy to spot, and you can get the damaged shingles and lost ones replaced. However, this could be a sign of an underlying issue. Get the roof inspected by an expert.

Sagging roof: This is a major red flag that points to the immediate need to get the roof replaced. Keep in mind that a sagging roof might compromise the structural integrity of other roofing system components. If not addressed on time, the extra weight associated with debris or snow could make it collapse.

Roof leaks: Generally, roof leaks occur whenever shingles or another layer of a roofing material fails, letting water seep through the cracks and weakened joints. Leaks can develop inside ceilings and walls, and that means just because there is no water in the attic your roof is leak-proof.

There are many factors you must consider when determining how often you should get your roof replaced. Get in touch with a roofing professional to determine the current state of your roof and whether there are necessary repairs or need to be replaced.


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