Repairs & Maintenance

    Roof repairs and maintenance experts

    Roofing problems such as leaks can go unnoticed for several months, if not years. At Coverall Roofing, we always advise clients to consider routine maintenance because it’s the only way to identify issues before they escalate and have them fixed. Before we conduct any roof repairs, we always take time to understand the exact cause of the problem. For instance, your roof may be leaking due to missing or broken shingles, a cracked area or poor roof installation. Any of these issues can cause leaks in your roofing system no matter how small they may seem.
    Roof repairs and maintenance
    Roof maintenance and repairs

    Don’t wait too long

    As soon as you notice leaks on your roof, call our roofing experts today for help. If you neglect or delay, the situation can quickly get out of hand. You may end up spending more on roof repairs and water damage. We come with the knowledge and right tools to quickly identify issues and fix the cause of your leaky roof. If you need repairs on other roofing components such the gutters, eavestroughs or skylights, we’re always ready to help.

    Why choose us for roof repairs and maintenance?

    • We offer a complete roof assessment to identify the underlying cause of the roof leak
    • All assessments are carried out by certified and insured experts with years of experience in the industry
    • We’ll offer you a detailed estimate that explains the work that needs to be conducted in order to restore your roofing system. All costs will be included. No hidden fees or surprises when the job is complete.
    • We are an authorized roofing contractor in Mississauga. We use quality materials and offer workmanship warranty on all projects.
    • We offer quick, affordable and reliable roof repairs. Helping you protect your home.

    Why regular roof maintenance is important

    Work with our team to come up with a competent roof maintenance program that works for your property. Routine maintenance will enhance the roof’s performance and longevity. At Coverall Roofing, we have skilled technicians who are dedicated to ensuring your roof is kept in good condition all year round. Our expert roofers can quickly spot issues and fix them in order to restore the safety and function of your roof.

    Components of your roofing system such as the eavestrough, siding, flashings, and chimney can get damaged over the years and expose your home to interior damage. Through regular maintenance and overall roof inspection, we can identify the issue and take care of the underlying problem before it leads to costly damages. We maintain all kinds of roofs including slate, tile, asphalt shingles and flat roof systems. We come with the training, tools, and equipment that is needed to serve you in an efficient and timely manner.

    Roof maintenance
    Let the professionals at Coverall Roofing examine your roof today. Our skilled roof maintenance experts have assisted many clients in Toronto to save thousands of dollars in repair and replacement costs. Get in touch with us for a free estimate of our roof maintenance services. Do you suspect that your roof is leaking due to bad weather, poor installation or lack of maintenance? We can help. Coverall Roofing will inspect all the above components and take action immediately to minimize damage. Don’t wait too long to have an expert assess your roof. Delays can cause a great deal of damage to your home and may even force you to spend a lot of money on a complete roof replacement.