Flat Roofing Toronto

Flat Roofing Toronto

Need an expert to replace, repair or maintain a flat roof? Coverall Roofing offers this and much more. We are a leading provider of flat roof installation, repair, and maintenance in Toronto. We provide a blend of quality, efficient and affordable services to all our clients regardless of the size of their flat roof project. Our flat roofing services are available to both commercial and residential clients.

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We are ready to offer you the help you need with your flat roof. Whether you need a completely new installation or repairs after minor damage, we can provide you with a detailed estimate for the work required. There’s absolutely no task that is too small or too big for our flat roofers. We even give a guarantee on all our installations. Every new flat roofing system we use also comes with a manufacturer warranty to guarantee our client value for money.

What are the advantages of a flat roof?

  • Flat roofs are often used in commercial buildings because they are not only affordable but also very durable if well maintained.
  • Easy to access: A flat roof is easily accessible because of its flat surface. This means that if you want to inspect the gutters or siding on the roof, you can easily do it without causing damage. Therefore, flat roofs are quite easy to maintain.
  • A flat roof system is cost-effective as you don’t need to invest in decorative roofing materials like shingles to complete the construction. The simple construction, as well as minimal repairs needed over the years, make flat roofs an affordable option for businesses.
  • With a flat roof, you can rest assured that the roofing will remain intact when high winds pick up. flat roofs offer adequate resistance so you don’t have to spend on repairs after big wind storms.
  • Flat roofing tends to make the best use of space especially in buildings where equipment such as air conditioning units and exhausts need to be installed on the rooftop. This type of roof has a plain surface so it can easily hold heavy equipment.

For you to fully enjoy the usefulness, durability, and affordability of a flat roof, you must ensure that it’s properly installed. We specialize in different types of flat roofs including Modified Bitumen, PVC and TPO. Whether your flat roof is leaking or you just need advice on which material to use, we’re always ready to help.

We offer competitive pricing and all our quotations are detailed so expect no hidden charges. Reach out to us for quality workmanship in flat roof installations and repairs. We are happy to show you the work we’ve completed and offer the best advice on flat roofing solutions.

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Roofs are one of those things that go unnoticed when they are performing their job. However, when they malfunction, you become painfully aware that something is wrong. Whether the damage was caused by a storm, fallen tree or simply long-term wear and tear, every roof requires maintenance over the course of its lifetime. Despite what you may think, unless you possess a certain set of repair skills, fixing the roof yourself is not the best idea. Doing the work by yourself will typically only serve to further the problem not to mention the significant risk of personal danger. Falls off the roof are more common than you think and can cause serious bodily harm. Therefore, when things go haywire, it’s very useful to know a good roofer. The reason that Coverall is one of the best roofing companies in Toronto is that we truly care. Because we offer a comprehensive warranty, it's very important for us to ensure that the work is done right the very first time and that the quality of our products are nothing but the best.

Coverall Roofing is one of the top roofing companies in all of Toronto, Coverall Roofing focuses on both commercial roofing (flat roofing) and residential roofing (sloped roofing) but offers a wide range of service including options for individuals. Some of their best perks include free consultations and quotes in addition to a satisfaction guarantee. Boasting over 30 years of experience, it'll be hard put to find a more professional roofing contractor in Toronto. To ensure you have the best line of defence against Canadian winter weather, call (647)-470-4076 for a FREE estimate today.

Looking for quality roof repairs, a complete installation or a professional to fulfill your roof’s maintenance needs? Coverall Roofing is the right company for you. We have highly trained staff with years of experience in commercial and residential roofing. Whether you need help choosing a durable and energy efficient roof or repairs for your leaky roof, we’ll visit the property, study the condition of your roof and offer the best recommendations. We carefully choose the roofing materials to be used for each project so you can be assured of a job well done. We roof it once and make sure it’s done right. Talk to us today for a no-obligation consultation.