Is it time to call in a roofing contractor Mississauga to perform repairs?? If you suspect that your roof needs servicing, look out for the following warning signs. Getting the repairs done immediately can save you time and money. You’ll keep small roofing problems from getting worse and becoming too costly to repair. Let’s go over the common warning signs.

Curling roof shingles

When the roofing shingles begin to curl, it could be a sign that it’s almost approaching the end of its service life. Curling usually occurs due to age. Another common cause of curling is excessive heat. Curled shingles are usually prone to ice damage and can be easily blown away by strong winds. When the shingles curl, they can break easily because they’ve become so rigid. Call a roofing expert to perform an assessment and replace the curled shingles.

Missing granules on the roofing shingles

Roofing shingles usually have protective granules on their surface which prevent damage caused by heat and sun exposure. As the roof ages, these protective granules begin to come out. Granule loss is such a major issue since it rids the roof of its protective layer and exposes it to damage. When the eavestrough or downspouts are poorly designed or improperly placed, they could easily contribute to granule loss. 

Missing shingles

Roofing shingles that are broken or missing can weaken the entire system’s ability to keep off water damage. When a shingle is missing, it means that a section of the roof is exposed to water damage since it’s left exposed. Suddenly there’s an entry point of water that could easily seep through the underlying roofing material and contribute to mould growth. One common cause of damaged or missing shingles is strong winds. Walking on the roof can also damage the shingles.

Buckled shingles

Buckling is such a common occurrence in roofing shingles. It mostly occurs when the roof underlayment is poorly installed. In some cases, buckling is a result of aging. Buckled shingles can easily be blown off by the wind. They are also more exposed to ice and water damage. If the issue is not quickly addressed, you may soon have to replace the entire roofing system since the damage will have extended. 

Damaged flashing

Another common issue that needs roof repairs is damaged flashing. Roof flashing is such an important element that can easily get damaged due to poor installation or general expansion and contraction. When the flashing material expands and contracts, the fasteners become loose. This creates some space where water can enter. With proper maintenance, you can have any flashing issues addressed quickly before they bring a host of water problems that are costly to fix.

There are many other signs that you may need to have your roof repaired or replaced by a qualified contractor. Don’t wait for a roof leak before you do something about your home’s roofing system. Call our experts to perform an inspection and deal with the problem before it gets out of hand.


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    Gary Yashar

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