A roof is an essential part of your house. However, when it starts leaking, your home can be the most uncomfortable place to stay. Forget about the pest infestation that comes with leaking roofs, having a leaking roof is the worst experience you could have in Toronto.

A leaking roof results because of many reasons. Ultimately, some roofs develop leaks when they reach their lifespan. Sometimes your roof develops leaks soon after the roofer leaves your home. What is the exact cause of a leaking roof? Continue reading through to find out the correct answer to this question.

Here is why your roof is leaking

1. Overused roof

Ideally, some roof leakages come naturally. If your roof has terminated its lifespan, then it is more susceptible to tear and wear. The roof becomes weaker and weaker with time and develops unnoticeable leakages. If you have a roof that has last a lifetime, then you should consider having a new one to avoid the damages it may cost you if it crumbles down.

2. Weather

Toronto is known for its harsh weather during the winter. During heavy rain, rainwater accumulates on your roof to form dumps. Standing water on your roof finds its way into the small openings on the roof. If the rains come with intense hurricane and wind, then your roof shingles can be blown off.

Prolonged dry seasons expose your roofing material to excess heat, which weakens your roof. The sun heats on your roof almost every day, thus loosening the underlying roofing material. You should inspect your roof after the hurricane to ensure all the shingles are intact.

3. Roof slope

Your roof steepness can also determine whether your roof develops leaks or not. Flat roofs are the most affected by leakages. Wind can blow off the weak shingles on your roof and force rainwater underneath the roofing material if you have a shallow roof slope. The building code requires the roof slope ration to be below 4:12.

Ensure your roofer installs a double layer for your underlying roofing materials to prevent the leaks. Your roof slope must be within the recommended ration to safeguard it from the strong winds that can blow off the roofing material.


4. Condensation within the attic

Condensation can occur within the roof attic resulting in the formation of moisture. Ideally, condensation in the attic results from the heating and cooling of trapped air in the attic. If your attic has any indication of mould growth or produces musty smell during a sunny day, then it is a red flag of a roof leak.

To fix the condensation in the attic, you can isolate it to prevent the accumulation of hot air. Ensure the roof vents are adjusted properly. You can also install a ventilation fan inside the attic to remove excess air in the attic.

5. Neglecting your roof care

Most roof leaks develop because we take long before we can inspect our roofs for any leaks. A small roof leak can develop into something bigger and damage your entire roof. Regular maintenance of the roof and fixing of potential leaks can reduce the extensive damages on your roof. Water can easily sip in the underlying roof if the pitch pans dry out and crack. Without regular maintenance, your roof can develop leaks at any point.

6. Slipping slates and tiles

If you have a slate and tile roof, then the cause of your roof leaks could be the result of sliding of the tile and slates. During intense rainfall, excessive rainwater hits the slates and forces them to move sideways, creating some space between each other. This space allows for the penetration of rainwater when it builds pressure on the underlying roofing material.

7. Clogged gutters

Clogged gutter prevents the smooth flow of rainwater in the downspout. During strong winds and snowfall, your roof gutter is likely to be clogged with tree leaves and snow. When the gutter cannot function properly, the water sticks on the roof to form a pond. If your roof has cracks, the water seeps through those cracks into the house. You can fix this problem without calling your roofer. Get a ladder and climb up the roof. Remove the leaves and other materials clogging the gutters to ensure the water flows off the roof smoothly.

8. Broken shingles and flashing

If the roof shingles break, it creates a way for water to seep through to the underlying roofing material and into the attic. The shingles are also likely to be broken in this case. When your roof develops a leak, it is essential to look underneath the affected shingles if the flashings are appropriately fixed. Broken flashings and shingles could be the reason your roof experiences those leaks when it rains heavily.

9. Improperly installed skylights

If your roofer did not fit the skylights properly, then your roof is likely to develop leaks around its sides. Sometimes, the leaks on the sides of the skylight could result from improper flashing. To fix this issue, you can remove any debris on the skylights. Use silicone to seal any leaks on the sides of the skylight. You can also replace the skylight if the leaks are persistent. This time ensure you hire the right roofer to do the work.

Sometimes you cannot avoid roof leaks. They happen naturally as your roof ages. This means that you should not neglect your roof. Ensure you inspect your roof regularly to find out any potential issues that require immediate fixing. Most roof leaks extend and damage your roofing structure due to negligence. Watch out for the nine causes of roof leaks given here when you work on your house maintenance. With this information by your side, you can prevent roof leaks and keep your family warm during the heavy rains in Toronto. It is advisable to reach out to a reputable company for roofing toronto to fix your roofing leak issues and prevent future damages.


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