Sometimes, being a homeowner can feel like a complicated task, right? There’s always something that needs your attention. Be it plumbing, electrical systems, appliances, security, you name it. Still, even as you run around to keep things in order, you can’t afford to overlook one significant aspect in your home: the roof. The roof is a sensitive component of your home that’s easy to neglect. Yet, it could host hidden dangers that could threaten not only your loved ones and home’s safety but also your wallet. To avoid such hassles, here are six potential roof dangers to watch out for:

1.   Moss and algae

People are different. Some like the way moss appears whereas others see it as an eyesore. Regardless of how you view the fuzzy green plant, it’s crucial to understand that moss holds moisture which can not only cause leaks but also cracks and eventually roof damage. If left untreated, it will also affect your roof’s drainage system by blocking drainage paths over time. To help keep your Mississauga flat roof moss free, have your roof inspected regularly by an expert. Alternatively, you could go for metal roofing materials like Zinc and Copper, which don’t allow the growth of moss or algae. Since they don’t require a lot of cleaning, these materials can also help you save on time and money.


2.   Ponding                      

To say the truth, ponding water shouldn’t immediately worry you. Typically, it should take your flat roof two days to drain off the water. On the contrary, if water remains on your roofing system for more than forty-eight hours, it’s advisable to have it checked out ASAP. Usually, this water ends up soaking into your roof, leading to the growth of algae. This alga causes a real threat to your roof’s structural integrity. In fact, if you continue neglecting such a roof for a long period, you could end up with no other choice but to replace the entire roofing system. To prevent this from occurring, always ensure to keep the roof free from debris before any water can collect.

3.   Trees

Besides ponding, perhaps one of the other most obvious roof threats is falling trees and limbs. As you can imagine, a fallen tree or limb will puncture, crack or make a hole in your roof. Often this leaves many homeowners with no other solution but to hire roof replacement services. That’s not all.

The tree’s debris, which includes sticks, leaves and pine needles, are other risk factors to look out for. If you let them accumulate on the roof for too long, you allow them to turn into a kind of mulch. This mulch usually has moisture which can promote mold and rot development as well as lead to roof deterioration. If you live in an area surrounded by tall trees, an easy way you can combat such problems is to ensure that all overhanging trees get trimmed back. Having your trees trimmed back will not only minimize the risks of tree limbs falling during stormy weather but it’ll also help keep debris off your roof.

4.   Animals

While raccoons, squirrels, woodpeckers, insects and nesting birds may not seem like harmful animals, they’re probably the main reason you need that roof repair or replacement. Nesting birds, for instance, leave highly acidic droppings that stain and erode your roofing. Their nests can also block vents and gutters as well as attract bugs and moisture. Woodpeckers, on the other hand, tend to peck holes in the roofing system, while raccoons and squirrels, use their paws to rip and pry through the roof.

All these animals can cause serious damage to your roof in the name of searching for food or shelter. To deal with them, you can call an animal removal company to drive them off your roof. It’s also advisable that you reduce the number of trees close to the house to help keep rodents like squirrels away.

On the roof, have your contractor seal all open cracks with weather-resistant caulking. Also, ensure that all vent caps and grates have been properly secured and don’t appear like ideal posing spots for small animals.

5.   Insufficient ventilation

Did you know that nine out of ten roofs in America lack proper ventilation? Wondering how that affects them? Well, as temperatures change over time during different seasons, the roof may start experiencing premature aging. It’s also possible to spot buckling shingles. Sometimes, insufficient ventilation can make your roof’s insulation faulty, causing your home to lose out on energy efficiency.


6.   Snow and ice

Having snow or ice build-up on your roof isn’t dangerous, but it can be if there’s the formation of ice dams. For ice dams to form, heat from the house rises and melts the snow on your roof. As the melted snow drains off the roof, it refreezes at the edges even before reaching the ground, causing icicles to hang from gutters or eaves. The freeze and thaw are actually what causes your shingles to lift, allowing moisture to get below and into the roof. You can prevent this problem by clearing all build-up on your roof with a special roof rake. For homeowners with flat roofs, it’s crucial that remove ice from the entire roof and not just around the edges to help keep the roofing dry.

7.   UV rays/sun

If you live in regions where there’s mostly sun, another type of threat you should watch out for is heat and UV damage. Roofs exposed to constant heat or UV rays normally start cracking, drying or falling out. If your roof has a weak roofing material, this extreme exposure to heat and sun can eventually lower its lifespan. To prevent this, have your roof regularly inspected by professionals so that it can be easy for you to know when the roof needs repair.

Keep your home’s roof protected

As you strive to keep your home and loved ones from harm, remember to also have your eyes on the roof. Make sure to call in professionals for roofing toronto to inspect as well as to conduct maintenance on your roof. Also, make sure to inquire when you feel that you don’t understand something about your roof. By doing this, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your roof is functioning as it should.


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