Toronto Cedar Roofing Services

Toronto Cedar roofing services are designed to provide you with essential maintenance and repair for your cedar roofing. The goal is to  ensure they remain in excellent condition and durable for years to come.

One of the primary services provided by Toronto cedar roofing companies is roof inspections. Coverall Roofing can perform regular inspections in order to identify and address any major issues with cedar roofing.

The best Cedar roofing companies like Coverall Roofing will inspect the roof for signs of damage, such as cracked or split shingles, moss or algae growth and missing shingles. Checking things like the flashing, gutters, and downspouts, are key as these can often affect the performance and durability of the cedar roof.

Upon completion of the cedar roofing inspection, a list of recommendations for repairs or maintenance are made so that you may decide if you would like to proceed with the cedar roof repairs.

Cedar roofing
Cedar roofing

Coverall Roofing is one of the top Cedar roofing companies in Toronto and we have the expertise and equipment necessary to complete any type of repairs efficiently.

Our Toronto Cedar roofing services also include full cedar roof replacement and Coverall Roofing is proficient in completing the job correctly the first time. Although most cedar roofs are quite durable and last a long time, with aging and the extremely harsh weather conditions that Toronto has, you will eventually need to require a replacement. Coverall Roofing can remove the old roof and install a brand new cedar roof that will present the same natural beauty and durability as the previous roof. Coverall Roofing will meet all relevant building codes and regulations so that you have a peace of mind with the cedar roofing services performed on your roof.

The main benefits of cedar roofing

Cedar roofing offers you lots of variety to choose from in terms of shapes and style. Since the roofing material is cut from wood, you can choose shingles with square, diamond or rounded ends depending on what looks best in your home. You can even decide to match the cedar shingles with the façade of your home. If you’re looking for something edgy and sassy on your rooftop, cedar shingles will offer this and so much more.


Cedar is a very environmentally friendly roofing product. For a start, it is renewable and recyclable. Secondly, cedar is one of the roofing materials that use less energy during production compared to many other roofing products.

The material is also a natural insulator, which helps to prevent excess heat in your attic during the hot summer months. Cedar shingles work like a protective barrier which prevents temperature levels from fluctuating dramatically based on the weather outside. During winter, cedar shingles block penetration of cold drafts into your interior and trap the warm air provided by your heating units. This ultimately saves you money on energy costs.

Cedar roofing can maintain its original dimension regardless of the weather conditions. This means that fasteners can hold on tightly for the longest time providing a long-lasting installation.

If you are looking for a roofing material that will improve the natural beauty of your home’s exterior, this is it. Cedar roofing provides a long-lasting visual appeal due to its natural texture and warm colours. This is a time-tested roofing material that has been able to withstand severe rain and shine for centuries. Cedar shingles are manufactured with preservatives and need proper upkeep to maintain their good look and feel for years to come.

Cedar is not the kind of roofing material that can add excess weight to your home. Cedar roofing is very lightweight, and you don’t have to worry about the structural integrity of your building if you choose this as the roofing material. So long as the cedar shingles remain in place after installation, your building will remain stable. We know that it’s impossible to use heavy roofing materials like concrete on homes that have simple structures. You’ll need to add beams and extra support in order to withstand the overall weight capacity. This can make the installation process costlier. It’s not the case with cedar. Since the material is lightweight, you don’t have to spend extra on additional support and hence the installation cost is reduced.

Roofing materials can face severe damage due to termite invasion. Termites are particularly problematic on houses that are made of wood whether on the drywall or exterior living spaces. When termites find their way on any roofing material, they can trigger extensive damage, causing punctures that cause water to easily penetrate through the roof. The good thing is that cedar roof shingles are impervious to termites. The roofing material consists of a chemical within the dark layers of the wood that termites repel. Termites are usually a non-issue in homes where the roofing shingles are made of cedar.

Considering that it’s a type of wood, cedar is highly resistant to damage. Cedar trees can stand tall and strong in forests for centuries while they are exposed to all the elements you can think of. This type of wood has proven, over the years, to stand up to the toughest weather conditions. Just think about the tough weather cedar has sustained in the wild. Would it fail to provide you with the same resilience when used in home roofing? Certainly not. Cedar shingles can maintain their shape and colour for up to 30 years with minimal maintenance. If you compare it to shingles cut from other tree types, it’s much less likely to swell due to harsh climates. The cedar shingles, when treated with a special finish, help to enhance their lifespan and withstand the cold winter months. When the roof is exposed to damage, a simple cedar roofing repair will restore it back in shape.

Consider cedar roofing as an investment that adds on to the value of your property. Most homeowners are looking for roofing options that are not only visually appealing but also easy to maintain. Cedar offers both benefits. Cedar shingles add an instant boost of value in any structure where they are installed. When you hire our roofing contractors to install cedar shingles in your home, expect it to last more than 2 decades. This is likely a one-time investment that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on over the years if you own a home.

Benefits of Regular Cedar Roof Maintenance

Cedar shakes and shingles cost more than your average asphalt shingles. When you choose to install this kind of roofing material, be ready to provide special maintenance if you want to secure your investment.

How to preserve

your cedar roofing

Cedar shingles are usually treated with special finishes that help to ensure it lasts throughout the years with minimal maintenance. Some of these finishes can change the colour of wood. If you want to maintain the natural appearance of wood, choose a transparent finish that will keep the shingles in optimal condition over the years. Think about a finish that will not only add a protective layer to the wood but also enhance the natural appearance and classic quality of your roofing material. In fact, the right finish can make the roofing complement any kind of exterior design.

Cedar roofing maintenance tips

Once installed, the cedar shakes need to be properly maintained. Poor maintenance can contribute to serious roof leaks and expensive repairs.

Here’s what we recommend as part of ongoing maintenance:

Regular inspections to check for damage

Roofing inspections should be conducted at least twice annually. The roofing contractor will look out for signs of damage such as cracks on the cedar shakes or broken and curled shakes. Another common repair issue that can be discovered during inspection is rusted or loosed flashing. These areas can be quickly treated to prevent further damage.

Check for mold growth

When mold finds a home in between your cedar roofing panels, it can trap moisture and lead to excessive damage. You may even notice leaks in your home’s interior as a result of mold or moss growth. Mold and fungi can also grow in the gutter system and prevent it from working effectively.

Regular roof cleaning

Power washing can be done to get rid of unwanted elements on your cedar roofing and enhance its appearance. It needs to be done using a suitable cleaning chemical.A roof preservative that is designed for cedar shakes needs to be applied in order to help maintain its aesthetic look.

Apply the right finish

Cedar roofing can weather and become discoloured over the years. You can apply a pigmented finish that will act as a protective layer which enables the cedar shakes to withstand the elements and preserve the natural colour of the wood for years to come. Some preservatives are water-based while others are oil-based. Your roofing contractor will advise on the right product to use during maintenance. Remember that these finishes require proper skill and training to apply them correctly. Make sure this is done safely.

Check the ventilation

Proper ventilation is key in cedar roofing. If the roof is not well ventilated, heat and moisture can accumulate in the attic causing deterioration over the years. Cedar itself is a natural insulator but you also need to ensure the attic space if properly insulated so that your roof can perform optimally throughout the years.


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    Common cedar roofing repair problems

    Like all other roofing materials, cedar shakes and shingles can have serious problems that must be addressed immediately to avoid further damage. We’ll go over some common cedar roof problems we’ve encountered in most Toronto homes.


    1. Extensive moss growth

    Moss not only ruins the aesthetic appeal of your cedar roofing but also contributes to water damage because it retains moisture in the roof causing the cedar shakes or shingles to rot. If the moss has extended significantly throughout your roof, other wooden parts will begin to rot and fall off. This is an issue that is likely to go unnoticed for years if you don’t take routine maintenance seriously. Moss growth often occurs on areas of the roof that are shaded by trees. You’ll notice green or brown grass like protrusions somewhere around the shakes or shingles. This is a sign that moss is growing underneath the cedar roofing.

    2. Mold and mildew growth

    This often occurs in cedar roofing that has been exposed to moss growth. Moss retains moisture which facilitates the growth of mold and mildew. You will notice spots of different colours like white, grey or brown on your cedar shakes or shingles. This is a common sign of mold or mildew build-up on the roof. If you can even see stains on the ceiling, the problems have become extensive and might affect your home’s interior if immediate repairs are not done.

    3. Signs of rotting on the shakes and shingles

    Cedar shakes and shingles are also prone to rot. When the shingles and shakes begin to rot, your roof quickly deteriorates and can become a serious safety concern. Rotting can occur due to moisture exposure that is often caused by clogged gutters or poor ventilation. The cedar roofing may also rot because of poor shingle placement. Call a roofing contractor to assess the state of your cedar shingles before the roof deteriorates even further.

    4. Cracks on shakes and shingles

    Improper spacing can cause the shingles and shakes to expand incorrectly and even smash against each other. This can result in cracks which create an entryway for water to find its way through your roofing system. This will cause leaks into your home and if not fixed early, will require a complete roof replacement.

    5. Curling of shakes and shingles

    The shakes and shingles can begin to distort along the width due to uneven water absorption and drying. This often happens when you choose low-grade cedar. If the cedar is made from flat grain, it is more likely to deform compared to the edge-grain cedar. Curling and cupping are normal and occur on all cedar shakes, but this shouldn’t be ignored because it can bring disaster over time.

    Cedar shakes or cedar shingles

    Which one should you choose?

    Both cedar shakes and cedar shingles can be used as roofing materials in homes. The shingles usuallyhave a very clean and uniform appearance since they are tapered and sawn on both sides. The cedar shakes, on the other hand, are thicker and have a rustic look. Both have a true natural beauty that noasphalt shingles can match up to. They add warmth and class in the roofing system that mostsynthetic roofing materials are not able to achieve.

    Why choose cedar shakes?

    There are several characteristics that make cedar shakes the most popular option for residential roofing in Mississauga:

    • Cedar shakes are very long lasting. When properly installed they can last for even a century with minimal maintenance. This saves you money in the long term.
    • Cedar shakes have a gorgeous, unique and rugged look. Each shake is a little different from the other and that adds to the natural beauty of your home.
    • Cedar shakes weather well in both hot and cold climates
    • The cedar shakes can be recycled when they reach their lifespan

    The top characteristics of cedar shingles

    Cedar shingles are often confused with shakes but these two are significantly different in terms of their characteristics and performance.

    • Cedar shingles are thinner compared to shakes hence more lightweight
    • Cedar shingles are machine made unlike shakes most of which are handmade
    • Cedar shingles have a smooth and even look
    • Shingles can be used in different roofs although cedar shakes are recommended on steeper roofs
    • Compared to cedar shakes, the shingles are not as durable. Most shakes are thicker and made using top grade cedar which can last for more than 30 years.

    How much will cedar roofing cost?

    When budgeting for cedar roofing, you need to consider various factors, such as the cost of labor and materials. Several elements influence the overall expenses associated with cedar roofing, and the investment required varies. This allows you the flexibility to select the quality and characteristics that align with your preferences. Whether you’re seeking long-lasting cedar roofing with minimal maintenance or a roofing material that resists curling and cupping, you can find options that suit your needs and budget. Top-grade cedar, in particular, offers exceptional insulation properties, enhancing both comfort and energy efficiency.


    Another factor that will determine how much you spend on cedar roofing is how safe and easy it is to access your roof. If the roofing contractors will have to work on very steep inclines or use a safety harness when performing the installation, you’re likely to be charged higher labour fees.

    If there are many fixtures that must be installed around the roof such as vents and chimney stacks, expect the installation costs to increase.

    Additionally, you must factor in the cost of permits and local fees. Permits will be required if you are changing the home’s structure or replacing an existing roof. If you are building an additional room or extra living space in your property, you’ll need a permit to ensure the structure is inside the property line. When choosing a roofer, ensure you hire one who specializes in cedar projects. You’ll get the experience and skill needed to guarantee a proper installation.


    Cedar roofing has a life expectancy of 25 to 35 years depending on the exact quality and how well it has been installed. Proper installation is key to ensuring the cedar roof lasts for many years. In this humid Toronto climate, we recommend pressure treating the cedar shakes.

    Remember that cedar roofing will have a shorter lifespan if:

    • The roofing material is poorly installed
    • The roofing contractor used low-grade cedar
    • Ventilation is not properly done
    • The cedar is not secured with nails but instead, staples are used

    Coverall Roofing provides expert installation of cedar shakes and shingles. We are approven installers in Toronto with years of experience working with cedar materials. We guarantee a long-lived cedar shake roof that stands the test of time.

    Why Choose a Cedar Roof?

    If you are constructing your dream home, the process of choosing the ideal roofing material can be such a daunting task. One of the options you may want to consider is cedar roofing. We recommend cedar roofing in Toronto for the following reasons:

    • Cedarwood is a material that shrinks minimally when exposed to high levels of humidity. For this reason, you can be assured that once installed, it will retain its original dimension which makes it long-lasting. The fastenings won’t come loose and it will stay straight regardless of the weather conditions.
    • Cedar can withstand elements such as moisture, UV rays, and insect damage. Manufacturers have also come up with cedar roofs that are fire-resistant. Therefore, if you are looking for a roofing material that can resist most if not all the elements, cedar is an excellent option.
    • Cedar is a material that’s light to work with. The material is lightweight and can be cut easily.
    • Cedar is one of the toughest woods which is what makes it a very durable roofing material. It’s a smart choice for your home or commercial building if you want to boost the structural integrity of your roofing system.
    • Cedar insulates your property naturally keeping the hot air outside in those summer months and keeping in warmth in the cold winter months. You’ll spend less on heating and cooling, with a cedar rooftop.
    • When you choose cedar, expect a striking appeal that will enhance the look of your property’s exterior. Cedar will give your home a rustic appearance. You can choose cedar shakes for a more distinctive look.


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