Most Toronto and Mississauga warehouses cover large spaces. Warehouses with flat roofs have many square feet of usable space that can be used for billboards and HVAC systems. However, the bigger the size, the more complex the installation, replacement, repair, recovery, and maintenance.

Proper warehouse flat roofing maintenance and repair is essential as a problem like a leak can cause damage in the warehouse. A small problem can quickly spread and become more complicated and expensive to repair. The temperatures in Toronto and Mississauga go to extremes at under 20 and over 30 degrees. The weather is also characterized by punishing hail, snow, severe storms with high winds which bring wind-borne debris, pelting rain and occasional tornados, meaning flat roofs take a beating. Here are a few tips for your warehouse flat roof maintenance.

Regular Scheduled Inspections

Only through regular inspections will you notice problems on your roof before they exacerbate. The inspections should be scheduled (annual or semi-annual), but you should also call an inspector whenever you suspect a problem. At Coverall Roofing, we have a team of experienced inspectors who will assess every inch of your roof for damage.

During our inspections, we focus on seams, flashings, and attachment pints, we lookout for cracks at corners, joints, and around ventilation slits and chimneys and we look out for signs of deterioration, aging, punctures, ponding water, and leakage. We can even do a cut test where we cut through the material to see if the lower layers have mould or rotted sheathings that are not visible on the surface. Whenever we notice a problem, we do immediate repairs to prevent the problem from spreading.  

Inspections are necessary because if you cannot document annual inspections, regular maintenance, and proper upkeep, the manufacturer may fail to honor your warranty claim. Therefore, using one roofer for all your roofing needs is the best way of protecting your investment.

Emergency Roofing Service

Roofing emergencies require immediate action. You need a roofing contractor who is available around the clock, including on weekends and odd hours of the night. At Coverall Roofing, we have a responsive team that is ready for any eventuality. As a local Toronto roofing contractor, we may get to your roof the same day you make your call, weather and safety margins permitting. We endeavour to restore the roof as quickly as possible, at least temporarily, before making permanent repairs to keep your business running and protect your employees, buildings, and contents.

Be Proactive in Securing the Roof

As the adage goes, prevention is better than cure. Take proactive actions to reduce the risk of flat roof damage, such as cutting close trees and overhanging limbs and securing improperly anchored add-ons like satellite dishes, HVAC equipment, window-washing equipment, and electrical signs, which can cause blunt-force damage to your roof on strong winds.

As a rule of thumb and on a need-basis, you should do maintenance once a year, such as after a major snow/rain/wind storm or freeze/thaw cycle. This should include removing loose and embedded debris like sticks and moss, checking flashing and seams for tear and wear, and cleaning drains.

Water damage is the primary cause of warehouse flat roof damage. Be proactive and apply waterproofing before the onset of severe weather, keeping in mind low temperatures cause asphalt-based roofing materials to crack. High temperatures lead to bubbles and crazing. Our team and Coverall Roofing will give your roof a regular brush or spray of waterproofing coating to ward off moisture, adding years to your roof.

Go for a Contractor with a Workmanship Warranty

Nothing is as painful as spending money on flat roof repairs in Toronto a few months after a flat roof installation when you know the damage can be attributed to poor workmanship. Although we have an experienced and well-trained team to guarantee the longevity of your roof, we back this up with a workmanship warranty.

At Coverall Roofing, we offer comprehensive flat roof service from installation to inspections and maintenance. Whatever your roofing needs are, call us today at (647) 470-4076 or fill our online form for a free, no-obligation estimate and for answers to any question you may have.


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    David Duvenaud

    David Duvenaud

    They did a great job for literally half the cost of the competing quote I got. George came by right away, took at look in the attic, and clearly explained the pros and cons of different approaches. George was honest about what was necessary, which I could confirm since what he proposed was in line with what already works well for our neighbour’s identical roof. They did the whole job in one day. The whole crew was easy to work with. Oleg stood out as a true professional. Great attention to detail.

    In contrast, the quote from a competitor was total overkill with a bunch of probably-pointless extras thrown in.