If your property in Toronto has a flat roof, there are several things that you could be doing that might jeopardize your roof. Neglecting your roofing system can cause small repair issues to turn into big issues that are too costly to repair. The maintenance demands of your roof will depend on how it was built and what type of roofing material you have. Either way, we’ll share 5 tips on how to ensure your Toronto flat roof is well maintained to protect your home or business.

1. Get rid of debris from the roof

The roof must be kept clean especially if you have overhanging trees or during harsh weather conditions like strong winds. In fact, you need to check and inspect your roof regularly because it’s hard to know there’s debris up there unless an inspection is done. Debris causes punctures and residual damage on a flat roof. Keeping your roof’s surface clear always will help ensure it lasts longer.

2. Carefully mount equipment on top of the flat roof

In cities like Toronto, flat roofing is preferred in most commercial buildings because you get adequate space to mount equipment on the rooftop. However, make sure you don’t damage the roofing materials when placing equipment on top of the roof. In fact, this must be professionally done to ensure the equipment is tight and secure plus protect the roofing materials from any form of damage.

3. Invest in proper drainage and clean it regularly

You need good drainage to avoid ponding water on the rooftop. If you spend so much time cleaning the drains or dealing with ponding water on the roof, it could be a sign that you need to invest in better drainage. Pools of water on the flat roof can cause the system to deteriorate quickly so make sure you ask an expert to help you fix ponding issues as soon as they begin to manifest.

Flat roof inspection

4. Avoid causing too much stress to the roof

You need to understand exactly how much weight the roof can withstand before you even install any equipment on its surface. The builder or designer will specify the weight beforehand. There are also areas on the roof that won’t support too much weight well. Whether it’s heavy equipment, ice or water build up on the roof, the system can eventually collapse, and this could jeopardize people’s safety.

5. Regular inspection is key

Failure to perform roof inspections or putting off repairs for too long can cause serious trouble. Have a professional roofer from roofing toronto inspect the system from time to time and advice you on ways to maintain it.. If repairs are recommended, make sure they’re done in time to prevent further damage or even the need to do a complete replacement. In fact, flat roofs can last for very many years if well maintained. The only reason why most flat roofs need replacement is due to neglect over the years. Consult a professional roofer who will help you develop a routine maintenance and inspection plan for your flat roofing system.


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