If you are looking forward to installing a new roof for your home, then you have just landed on the right page. Nowadays, we have plenty of roof designs and styles that you can select for your roof. However, the choice of an ideal roof depends on several issues that you must put into consideration as a homeowner.

This article is designed to shed more light on the choice of the right roof for your new home. It covers some of the best tips you can practice if you intend to get the best roof material in the market that will give your home the look you desire.

Here is how to choose your roof material in Toronto
Master these tips if you are looking forward to installing a roof for your house within Toronto and its environs.

1. Budget

When it comes to erecting a new roof in your home, proper budgeting is everything. Factor in the cost of installing and maintaining the roof in your budget. A good roof is an investment that should give you the right returns at the end.

If the roofing material costs a lot to maintain during its lifetime, then you can consider dropping it. Ensure the roofing materials you choose to buy are affordable, durable, and easy to maintain.

2. Colour

When it comes to ensuring your roof matches your home design, you must consider the right colour based on your taste and preference. Ideally, light and reflective colours are recommendable if you live in hot places.

A light-coloured roof reflects much of the heat, helping you to regulate the temperature in your house. This way you will spend little for your heating and cooling system electricity bills. Most homeowners in Toronto prefer natural slates because they provide natural texture, grain, and colour that give the roof a perfect appearance.


3. Type of material

Based on your budget, you can choose a variety of roofing material in the market. When you go for roofing material in the market, you should reach out to your local roofing company in Toronto for advice on the right roofing material. They have the skills to help you choose the best roof material.

Some of the most sought roofing materials in the roofing industry include plastic polymer, wood shingles, and natural slates. You must also consider the type of underlayment material required for each roofing material. The choice of roofing material depends on roof design and roof duration. Some roofing material lasts a lifetime while others need replacement within a decade.

4. Roof weight

Most durable roof materials are heavy. Before choosing your roof material, you must confirm with your roofer if the building structure can carry the load. The structure of your house must be able to withstand the weight of the roof. If you have a weak house structure, you should go for the light shingles, which have a short lifespan in most cases.

5. Roof slope

The type of your roof slope determines the type of roofing material you can install on your house. If you use flat roofing toronto, then you can go for the shingles with a large surface area to save some money.

Steeper roofs are the most expensive to install. They require a durable roofing material and an experienced roofer to the project. You will spend more on purchasing roofing material if you have a steeper roof than a flat roof.

6. Ventilation

Perfect roofing material is one that allows for proper ventilation and insulation in the house. When choosing a roofing material, you should go for one that will provide ultimate ventilation. Your roof is likely to last longer if you ventilate the house thoroughly. This is because the vents help in the regulation of temperature in the attic.

To reduce any structural damages in your roof, you should go for roofing materials that provide proper ventilation for your house.

7. Durability

Roofing is an expensive investment. Therefore, when choosing a roofing material, you should consider its strength. How long you stay in the home is essential in selecting an ideal roofing material for your house.

Research extensively to find out the most durable roofing material based on your roof type. If you have a steeper roof, you can go for the high-quality slate roofing. Apart from their durability, a slate roof will also protect your underlying roof material from pest infestation.

8. Recycled content

Some roofing materials have more recycled content, which makes them less durable. You can check with the roof manufacturer to find out the composition of the roofing material before sealing your deal. Confirm with your roofer that the roofing material you are buying comes from the genuine manufacturer. You should ensure that your roofing material is recyclable once it reaches its lifetime. This way you will save some money for your next roofing project.

9. Warranty

Lastly, when buying a roofing material, you should be keen to confirm if the seller provides you a warranty. Go for lifetime warranty to protect your roof against untimely damages. Note that some warranties given by the manufacturers are only liable if a certified roofing company in Toronto does your roofing correctly.
If you are going to invest your money in an expensive roof, then you must ensure it comes with a reliable warranty.


The choice of perfect roofing material depends on several factors, some of which are highlighted in this article. When you look forward to getting the most out of your roofing project in Toronto, you should research extensively. First, get the most reputable roofing company to install your roof, and then equip yourself with the right roofing material for your house design and structure.
Reputable roofers will advise you on the right roof material for your roof. This way, you will bypass the unforeseen costs of roof repairs. Ultimately, some of the tips given here should help you to choose the best roofing material for your house hassle-free.


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