Soffits and Fascias

    Fascias and Soffit Installation and Repair Specialists

    Are you looking for ways to revamp your property’s exterior? It’s time to let Coverall Roofing have a close look at your soffits and fascia. Soffits will improve the ventilation in your attic and contribute to lower heating and cooling costs. You can also improve the home’s curb appeal by coordinating the color of the soffit and the fascia with outside your home.


    Soffits can greatly contribute to a property’s ventilation. The soffits metal, when installed properly, will enhance ventilation at the top of the roof. This is what prevents condensation in the attic which can eventually lead to water stains and damages on the inside of your property. Coverall Roofing contractors will ensure that your soffits are properly vented. You can choose different styles of soffit metal depending on the look that best complements your property’s exterior. We can install soffit metal that blends with your fascia and eavestrough. Whatever your soffit needs are, Coverall roofing contractors are here to take care of them.


    Fascia boards are made of wood which means that they need to be properly covered in order to prevent water damage. The purpose of the fascia board is to strengthen the roofing system since it supports the eavestroughs and ensures that water is properly drained away from the property’s foundation. Fascia metal can be damaged by strong winds. That’s why it needs to be properly installed and secured to the board. At Coverall Roofing, we can perform an assessment and determine if your fascia boards have been exposed to water damage. We’ll look out for signs of rotting and replace the fascia boards in order to prevent them from causing more serious damage to your roofing system.
    Do you suspect that your roof is leaking due to bad weather, poor installation or lack of maintenance? We can help. Coverall Roofing will inspect all the above components and take action immediately to minimize damage. Don’t wait too long to have an expert assess your roof. Delays can cause a great deal of damage to your home and may even force you to spend a lot of money on a complete roof replacement.