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5 Things That Damage Your Flat Roof


Roofing systems, especially flat roofs, are designed to take consistent abuse throughout their lifetime. In fact, this is one area in the home that is the hardest heat by external elements. Due to this reason, you need to perform routine maintenance to prevent premature failure.

We’ve listed the 5 most common causes of damage to a flat roof below:

1. Exposure to the elements

Harsh weather conditions like hail, storms, and strong winds can damage the roofing system. That’s why you need to schedule a roof inspection before or after severe weather. When the inspection is done, the necessary repairs are done to ensure that the roof doesn’t deteriorate further when the harsh weather sets in. For instance, the roofing contractor will check to ensure the gutters are cleaned and in tip-top shape as well as the drainage. Clogged gutters can cause extensive damage to the roofing during severe weather.

2. Biological growth

Algae, fungus, moss, and lichens can grow on the roof surface. They often grow on the roof when there’s moisture as well as shade on the roof surface. They are not just a cosmetic issue on the roofing materials. Moss not only holds moisture on the surface of the roof, it can also speed up the wear of asphalt shingles. Moss and crud can grow extensively on the roof surface that it’s hard to tell what roofing material was used. This biological growth on the roof surface can result in frost damage, cracking and wear of the roofing material in both freeing and non-freezing climates.

3. Poor workmanship

If certain components on your roofing system are poorly installed, you’ll end up spending more on repairs or even exposing your roof to significant damage. If your roof needs repairs or installation, you must hire a professional to get the job done. Make sure the roofing contractor you hire is fully licensed and insured to perform roof repairs. Find out if the contractor has experience handling flat roofing systems. Flat roofs have their own unique maintenance demands so it’s better to hire a contractor with experience in commercial roofing to handle repairs and maintenance work.

4. Ignoring routine maintenance or repairs

You need to follow the recommended roof maintenance and inspection plan. These regular checks on your roof will help prevent further damage and costly repairs. If the contractor recommends certain repairs after conducting an inspection, it’s important to ensure they’re done immediately. Putting off flat roof repairs for too long can lead to serious damage and the need to perform a complete roof replacement.

5. Too much weight and stress on the roof

It’s quite common for property owners to add more equipment on the rooftop overtime which tends to stress the roofing material. Commercial flat roofs can hold certain equipment on the surface. However, you need to ensure that the roof is designed to withstand all this weight. When the weight is too much, it becomes a huge risk to the occupants of the building.