Slate roofs are one of the finest and most durable options when it comes to aesthetics and lifespan. When installed correctly, slate roofs can last for up to 100 years with little maintenance. Installing and repairing slate correctly requires great skill and here at Coverall Roofing we are proud to be able to offer a high level of expertise. Our Slate foreman is from the UK and has over 10 years slating experience both in the UK and Canada, including working on English heritage buildings.

Synthetic Slate

Synthetic Slate is another option to consider for those looking to combine the timeless beauty of a slate roof, whilst looking towards a greener future. Coverall Roofing offer Synthetic Slate as a viable option that replicates the natural and historic look of traditional slate in a more eco-friendly manner. Additionally, Synthetic Slate is a cost effective alternative to natural slate, which is becoming increasingly popular over time.